Solar Agricultural Pumps

Solar Agricultural Pumps

The solar water pump is a revolutionary discovery in the field of agriculture which has brought a great change in the field of agriculture. Solar-powered pumps are proving to be very useful for farmers of all classes from small to large. These pumps are very economical as they do not require conventional electricity to operate. These pumps are very beneficial for saving energy as well as for the environment. Apart from simple agriculture, a solar pump is also very effective for horticulture, drip irrigation, fountain irrigation, swimming pool, water circulation, and home water pumping.

How Does Solar Pump Work?

The solar panels in the solar pump collect the solar energy and convert it into DC volt with the help of silicon crystal cells. This DC energy gives power to the DC motor with the help of the controller and it draws water out of the ground. This energy can also be converted to AC volt with the help of a VFD controller to run AC-powered motors. In a solar pump, the motor can be customized as per the requirement Submersible or Monoblock pump.

Types of Solar Pump

1. On-grid solar pump

In an on-grid solar pump system, the solar pump is operated directly by the AC volt, and energy produced by the solar panels is directly exported to the Grid under Net-Metering.

2. Solar pump with VFD

In a Solar Pump with a VFD controller, the VFD controller converts the DC energy into AC volt which further drives the motor. Such pumps are very effective in areas where the problem of a power cut is more or there is no electricity.

3. Hybrid solar pump

In a hybrid solar pumping system, the pump can be operated in three ways.

  1. With conventional electricity
  2. With solar
  3. With batteries when both Solar and Electricity are not available.